BlackCrystal Ltd — is not a big, but very useful contact in your contacts list. With knowledge of modern IT trends, we can provide best solution for yours specific needs.

Web applications

If Google can’t help you to find application, that exactly suits your specific needs, call us we can help you.

Company BlackCrystal creates applications for business. We use modern technology in our creations, that can work without failures and interruptions for years. They are web applications, accessible from any computer with only web browser installed. We guarantee our code quality, constant quality testing and ability to extend our application in any time. We’re able to write ten lines of code, that just can solve one of your daily task — exactly what you want.

Example. With our help Bisnode Estonia got in 2014-2015 years all components, necessary for collecting, analysis and sell finance data they have. They use partner sites information, monitoring, business registry, live requests to services and background processing of all income information with regular quality testing. We made programs for internal use and for partners, local sites and external services for distributors. We took care of the database reorganization, load balancing and gradually introducing innovations. The company Bisnode Estonia enters the TOP 1% growing companies in Estonia 2014..

New company website

Вы начали свою деятельность, и наверное, уже находитесь в поиске, кто бы мог сделать для вас хороший сайт. Если по какой-либо причине в сети не нашлось уже готового, обращайтесь к нам – запросто поможем, как советом, так и сайтом.

BlackCrystal, together with Unique Solutions proposes the creation of sites of any complexity: advertising, selling, portfolio, business cards, blogs, galleries, CRS and other kinds of all scary things, that can do one very experienced man.

This site is made by us, and it's perfectly looks on any device and browser, has very simple navigation and performs up to 110%. *approximate


You can’t find any information about pricing in websites like this, that’s pity. By the way, we’re not so serious company, but inquisitive, we can answer with statistics. The cost of 80% our work of average difficulty, takes no more than two weeks of working time, cost about €500 to €1500.

  • месяц работы над проектом*full time одного опытного программиста стоит около 3000€
  • средний счет за участие в проекте*part time от 500€ до 1500€.

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