KYC Center

KYC-Center is an online platform for KYC personality verification and procedures. Our main goal is to create a single global identity verification center.

KYC/AML customers verification is necessary for almost any trading platform, requires a lot of attention and resources. For the client this is also not simple and pleasant story – it often takes a lot of time, there is a risk to send your documents to third parties.

KYC Center has found a way to turn this process into a convenient, transparent and accurate procedure, which does not need to be repeated. Trading partner can no longer worry about hiring lots of employees to check the identity of customers, customers are happy to use KYC code instead of passing the KYC/AML checks, all documents are kept in KYC Center in encrypted files on an encrypted disk in a very strong vaults under the close supervision and control of three brave security guys.

The launch took place on June 2, 2018, the first person was verified, the first KYC code was issued and sent to the first business partner.